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Trump administration plans fines of a HALF-MILLION dollars for illegal immigrants who won't leave

ICE prepares for nationwide raids.

Trump previously announced that mass raids by ICE, possibly including deportations of families, would begin in late June. He then agreed to pause the plan to give Congress time to pass legislation rewriting asylum laws that currently allow immigrants to remain in the U.S. while their claims are adjudicated.

Congress did not take up legislation addressing asylum laws before leaving Washington for the 4th of July recess.

Last week, speaking to reporters at the G-20 summit, Trump reiterated to his previous position, declaring that raids would begin "sometime after July 4th."

"Unless we do something pretty miraculous," Trump said.

  • Edith Espinal-Moreno, a Mexican woman, received a notice from ICE that she will be fined $497,777 for refusing to leave the country
  • Espinal was etained and bailed in 2013 after jumping the Texas border with her 15-year-old son and 34 other people
  • A judge ordered her deportation in 2016 but she cut off her ankle monitor
  • She has had two other children in the U.S., now American citizens by law
  • Taking refuge in an Ohio church while the judge's 'final order of removal' remains in force; federal law allows for a $500 fine per day for defying it
  • Espinal's lawyer said she 'laughed' when she read the letter about the fine 
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