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      Earlier Bloomberg reported that Donald Trump, who is the owner of the Trump Organization conglomerate, was planning to invest millions of dollars of cash into his re-election campaign.

      US President Donald Trump said that he would be okay with spending his own money on his election campaign if he had to, according to Reuters. The statement was made on Tuesday as POTUS was going on a trip to Florida. According to the president's remarks to reporters, his re-election campaign has double or even triple the funds it had back in 2017, but Trump said he was ready to invest additional sums of money in order to beat his Democratic rival Joe Biden.

      "If I have to, I would", Trump reportedly said when asked whether he would spend his personal money on election campaign.

      Bloomberg reported on Tuesday that the billionaire president was considering investing as much as $100 million of his own money in his re-election campaign should it be deemed necessary, citing people familiar with the matter. The idea was reportedly discussed with several people, as the president was reviewing heavy spending by his team, which allegeldy led to a so-called "cash crunch", as described by the New York Times.

      According to the NYT report, under Trump's former campaign advisor for data and digital operation Brad Parscale, more than $100 million of the president's campaign were spent on TV ads alone. It has been also suggested that Trump's team has already spent more than $800 million of nearly $1.1 billon that has been raised by the campaign and the Republican party since 2019.

      Prior to 2016, the Republican runner had invested around $66 million of his personal funds in his presidential bid. However, it would be considered an unprecedented move for an incumbent POTUS to self-fund his re-election efforts, the American media noted. Donald Trump's personal wealth is estimated to be $2.1 billion.

      Miska Simpson
       added a video  to  , Trump2020

      There is a marked difference in class, manners and behavior of supporters. Trump's side is all colorful, cheerful and happy, the other side is black clad and miserable, criminals.

      Folks - share EVERYWHERE on EVERY social media platform you use !    

      Joe M - MAGA Reels - June 6 2020 -

      unknown  added a post  to  , Trump2020

      Lady MAGA.

      The first lady of the United States, and wife of the 45th president of the United States Donald Trump. 

      Troy Lawson
       added a post  to  , Trump2020

      I am an Australian yet I support why many ask.

      When I was younger, I lived in a free christian country (Australia). 

      Now it has eroded, they censor us; they tell us what we can and cannot do, sharia law is in some suburbs of the big cities and heaven forbid you are a white Male. They treat you as if all the world's problems are your fault.

      I was spat on last week at the shops for wearing a MAGA shirt a US friend had sent me. Even though on camera the police would do nothing.

      I see America as the last bastion of freedom in this world and it too is eroding.

      Yes, my biological father (whom I have never met nor does he want to meet me) is from the US and I have 3 half brother’s that live in the US. That, however, had little effect on my decision to do my part.

      I see a world that is burning being turned to one world government. With the ruling elite at the top with the rest of us under their heel. Obeying their rules and their values and religions.

      I am a Christian, and I pray for the world daily and the American people, that their eyes be opened to the false news over there.

      Anyway, that’s the basics of why I am here helping.

      I am also a recovering addict 19 years clean and am happy to chat to anyone that needs help in this area.

      Troy Lawson

      AKA drixton.chysomer (Gmail / You Tube) @troylawson5 (twitter)

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      Join Toots Sweet, Mr_Pinko and JewelsJones1 on @PatriotsSoapbox TONIGHT on YouTube 

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      Mary Julianna
       added a post  to  , Trump2020

      MEDIA YOU DISGUST US!!! WHY don't you Tell the TRUTH!!! OUR President doesn't NEED MONEY - this 

      would have been wayyyyyyy cheaper!!!! HEY MEDIA, WHY DON'T YOU WORK FOR FREE!!! 


      Mary Julianna
       added a post  to  , Trump2020
      Mary Julianna
       added a post  to  , Trump2020

      Giuliani: ‘Pretty Close To Overwhelming Evidence’ That Obama Ordered Hillary, Democrats To Dig Up Dirt In Ukraine On Trump~