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    Joe Biden has lost his fig leaf…and the entire world has experienced his shortcomings. Both our friends and our enemies.

    The Biden team and many of their contributors have forgotten the cardinal rule; If you tell the truth you don’t have to have a good memory. When allegiance to party up-ends a person’s moral convictions it makes that person a fool. How temporary? Tomorrow will tell. What excuse will the media offer for preaching it? For teaching it? Extending it? Perpetuating it? California is exhibit # 1! Mark Twain had it right when he proclaimed that politicians and diapers should be changed often. And for the same reason.

    A person enters politics with modest resources and then leaves with a pot of gold and a house in Martha’s Vineyard. How’s that happen? From community organizer to TV star. What is America’s ROI? Show us the rule book. Who’s calling the balls and strikes?

    We are lost in a political fog– unchecked—this march towards tribalism and socialism will engulf and crush the American core in its dense and icy waters. Whatever words and images the media uses to clothe Biden’s failures and corruption, the fabric will not protect us from him. His wardrobe has many tailors. They have taken the measure of many throughout Washington. Republications and Democrats. Their closets contain many skeletons.

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    Despite centuries of abuse and each generation’s successful encroachment on its idealized limitation, there is no better document than the Constitution to provide an outline for human governance. Benjamin Franklin noted that there were many compromises to get there, and while he didn’t love it, he also wasn’t sure there was something better. I can live with that assessment. After all, nothing in this world is perfect, there are always trade-offs, and flawed humans will at best produce flawed products. Is that so difficult to understand? Naysayers can find flaws within the Constitution and the rollout of the Republic, but can they produce an entire alternative whose end result stands above it? What would they hand us, Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s South African model? 

    It is clear that the system is broken. The CDC has no real authority, and yet we allowed it to stay evictions. The Department of Labor likewise has no real authority, and yet the White House circumvented laws and morality to make it the executor of a vaccine mandate. This is not new; Roe vs. Wade found the right to privacy within the Constitution, which, through penumbral reasoning, also meant murdering unwanted babies was an extension of that aforementioned right. More recently, Obamacare was granted permission because it was construed as a tax rather than a mandate. By that logic, it seems like paying a penalty for not having the Covid vaccine is just weeks away.

    Nonetheless, a broken system does not indicate a faulty design. The document did not fail us; human nature did.

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    If some policy benefits your country most, you should, within moral bounds, pursue it. If your enemies benefit most, you should avoid it. I'd be curious to learn what answer proponents of America leaving Afghanistan — conservative or liberal — would give to the question, "Cui bono?"

    The withdrawal has already cost us in a single day more service members' lives than we lost on any one day in Afghanistan since June 2014, seven years ago. The number of American servicemen killed in Afghanistan per year from 2015 to 2020 is respectively 22, 9, 14, 14, 21 and 11. No one can seriously argue that we are leaving Afghanistan because of high American casualties. So, while America doesn't benefit at all from leaving Afghanistan, it does get hurt. The damage to the reputation of America — as an ally and as a strong country — is not easily overstated.

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    Thursday’s horrific bombings in Kabul, Afghanistan were many things. They were shocking and they were infuriating. They were preventable and they were embarrassing. And make no mistake, they were entirely the fault of our pathetic Commander-in-Chief: President Joseph R. Biden. But Thursday’s bloodbath was also illustrative. As we approach two significant anniversaries in the coming months, the carnage we saw this week exemplifies the ongoing erosion of America’s resolve, credibility, and collective courage. In just 80 years, the United States, which was once a fearsome foe, is now a complete laughingstock. 

    America has gone weak. Polling data shows that not only did a majority of Americans support the idea of withdrawing from Afghanistan, but they also support the initiative even it means a resurgence of Al Qaeda. We are not the same country that crushed the Axis powers in World War II. We are not even the same country that blew the roof off football stadiums twenty years ago as we sang the national anthem. We can’t even stomach the idea of having troops stationed unmolested in a country that was used as an operation’s base to kill 3,000 fellow Americans not even twenty years ago.

    We’re now a country that’s more concerned with not offending people by using incorrect pronouns than we are with protecting our own way of life.


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    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: The US is no longer the country that recovered from the Pearl Harbor disaster and won WWII, or that both morally and economically sustained itself throughout its prolonged ideological conflict with the Soviet Union. The people of the once great country are confused and disoriented. Once America’s feet of clay crumble, the colossus will never rise again.

     As the New Cold War between the US and China heats up, most articles and papers analyzing the situation are concerned with the relative military might of the two sides. Every destroyer, every drone is counted to determine if China has the ability to defeat the US in a hypothetical military engagement. This is an important question, but there are two other questions of much greater significance considering the current balance of power: 1) Can China deliver a devastating yet non-debilitating strike; and 2) How will the people of the great democracy react?

    Comparing the current confrontation between the US and China to the Cold War is only partially correct. China does have many political similarities to the Soviet Union, but while the Soviet Union was a socialist experiment in a perpetual economic coma, China’s economy is the second-strongest in the world.