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    Let's hope Joe Biden has finally gone a fib too far, taking to the airways with false indignation to harangue us for daring to question his execution of the lethally inept Afghanistan "retrograde" action he engineered along with his Team of Trivials.  Biden's purpose was to obscure the fact that he'd blithely and needlessly thrust fine, dedicated troops into a tactical straitjacket that could logically have had no other result than multiple casualties — perhaps in the process causing some heretofore tightly shut eyes to be pried open concerning the character and abilities of our overmatched chief executive.

    To the vast majority of readers who frequent this site, Mr. Biden's disastrous incompetence is by no means a surprise.  Indeed, we've all pretty much known from his first day in office that one way or another, a nightmare was in the offing, and national humiliation would likely ensue.  But as in all bad dreams, warning cries were — with the suffocating pillow of Big Tech and corporate media — effectively muffled.  Usually, with little effect, our families, friends, and co-workers were issued warnings that in both temperament and judgment, Joe Biden was wholly unsuited for the presidency — and one needn't be an unabashed Trump-admirer to know it.

    Joe Biden is not a well man, both physically and emotionally.  The genuine tragedies he's encountered in his life have not imparted upon him the quiet empathy and understanding for which many had hoped, but instead rendered him scarred, damaged, and wholly unable to adequately meet his presidential obligations.  For some reason, he's embarking us upon a national suicide mission, with the eager assistance of those both foreign and domestic who wish this country harm, even destruction.

    It is up to Americans of good faith — of any political stripe — to put this self-destructive chapter to an end, while it can still be done by relatively peaceful and lawful means.  Time is quickly running out.

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    Well, he was NEVER a "hero" in my book...

    Imagine a celebrated running quarterback playing the last — and most significant — game of his career. At a critical moment, he fumbles and drops the ball. Suddenly it's all over for him and his team. Well, that's what Joe Biden now seems to have achieved in his political career. And we are all going to suffer for it.

    In his first months in office, he focused mainly on undoing the good that Trump had done in the previous four years. This destructive urge appears to have been motivated by spite accompanied by a lack of commitment to doing what is best for America instead of himself.

    Joe Biden, a mumbling; shuffling; confused; and, at times, incoherent old man, has gone in a few months from personal failure at home to causing a political catastrophe of global dimensions, the consequences of which will soon be unleashed upon us in the form of renewed terrorist attacks on the West.


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    Its time Hangs for ........

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    Trump Campaign releases "Surrenderer-In-Chief" video - Joe Biden

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    'Biden isn't fit for the role - he's gone gaga': Tory MPs join US Republicans in condemning President's Afghanistan 'betrayal' as UK is left with just 24 hours to get last 2,000 British allies out - with Taliban now calling shots

    • Kabul evacuation has entered desperate final stages after Joe Biden refused to delay departure of US troops
    • Mr Biden is said to have dismissed G7 request 'point blank', regarding idea of an extension as a 'non-runner'  
    • Dominic Raab said the UK is now working 'full speed' to get the remaining Brits and Afghan out of the country 
    • Last flight could come as early as tomorrow or Friday as troops will need time to wrap up their deployment
    • US special relationship is falling appart


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    President Biden's approval rating sunk to a new low of 41 percent in the latest poll from USA Today/Suffolk University.

    The United States' Afghanistan withdrawal seems to be one of the the main drivers — only 26 percent of responsdents approve of the execution of the plan (though a majority still support exiting the country) — and he has poor marks on immigration issues and his handling of the economy, as well.

    • Of those surveyed, 62%, put the responsibility for the Afghanistan war on George W. Bush. 
    • Half approved of his handling of the pandemic, 39% of his handling of the economy. 
    • Biden's decision to leave Afghanistan was approved of by most Americans. 
    • But only 26% approved of Biden's handling of the withdrawal.