Convention of States

I know, I expressed thoughts on “The Convention of States” in the past, I’m even a member although not active enough. The more I see & hear in America the more I realize the importance of a Convention of States called under Article V of the Constitution. It's controlled entirely by the states & has the power to propose constitutional amendments that limit federal power, mandate fiscal responsibility, & impose term limits on federal officials. I ask myself isn’t that all we want/need? 

I always felt the key was to have a majority of ‘Patriotic States’ calling for action under our Founding Documents. A lot has been achieved in this pursuit, most importantly States are creating Patriotic Legislatures supporting the COS avenue & the list of States grow.

That is where WeThePeople are diligent & accepting of the Founder's protection under Article V of the Constitution, just one more protection they gave us of many. It is our responsibility to assure Patriotic State Legislatures are the majority at a COS. There are many people working towards that goal of having many more red states than blue states at the Convention, we should be halfway there now & it’s critical to the safety of America that the majority be red before one is called on. I heard all the arguments pro/cons for a COS, the dangers, the benefits, & many valid ones.

The conclusion I draw is protection under Article 5 is assured by a majority of Patriotic States, working towards the same goal ‘Preserve America.” The bottom line is it takes every one of us in each State to be active to assure our local, and state govt support preserving America. The Founders relied on an informed, active public to manage their affairs through the processes they established to assure their Liberties & Safety.

To be honest, we should have done this decades ago, but we didn’t, shame on us. If the combined wisdom of our Founders created a protection against an abusive federal govt it is up to us, to intelligently engage in that process & that happens to be the legal process of Sovereign States united for their sovereignty.

Everyone needs to support a Convention of States called under Article V of the Constitution which means you need to assure you live in a Free State. WeThePeople do our job & our Representatives will do theirs & together we improve America as our Founders intended. For your info:

Yes, there is confusion & division & I fully understand one issue people have, rhinos in red states supporting blue states, in an environment where vast numbers of groups/corps, etc. will be involved in this political process to have a controlling hand in what the Convention does which could result in the Demise of America. I am fully aware of that problem. All I’m saying is the Founders gave us a remedy & hoped we were smart enough to utilize it once we achieved a Majority ‘conservative’ govt in States across America. The burden is upon each of us to assure our Representatives at all govt levels are Americans who put America above Party. It is then that we call into action Article V & create the Convention which will improve the federal govt to better serve WeThePeople. At that point, it is safe to hold a Convention. Don’t engage in a fight ahead of time when you are not ready. We have a lot of work to do before we reach that Convention point & the responsibility is all ours, as is our Duty to serve America, however long it takes, don’t think it’s just the military that is called to serve America. That duty is on every American to serve America in a time of need, it’s on us, now.

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Frank D. Lovell

American Patriots

Free State of Florida

The New America

I now know what it feels like to be ‘overwhelmed,’ I never really experienced that before. The more time I spend on gathering facts on an event in America so I can assure myself I am experiencing a danger to the American Life I have lived, I find another & another event, surrounded by others constantly from all directions & we need to understand the facts allowing us to make logical decisions.

I recall times in America when we addressed events, normally there were a few issues Americans had concerns over, we got the facts & made logical decisions, unified & made our concerns known which resulted in events like the Civil Rights legislation of the ’60s. Today is different, there are not a few events to focus on, there is an onslaught of negative events taking place in America today, the problem is one is as serious as the next so how do you focus? I also don’t see Americans unified in the streets demanding a stop to these negative events. The fact there are so many at the same time tends to point to intentional acts, if so, that should trouble all of us.

We are not allowed to create rights for some that impose on the rights of others. That is not only common sense, doing so violates numerous laws. One instance of common sense is the creation of life which has a common thread, male & female, that’s how it begins in any life form. I have yet to see any life form transform its gender to the opposite. Whatever your belief, be it a God or Nature we are assured to die as the gender we were born. Regardless of your physical appearance, mannerisms, or efforts & desires, your birth reality never leaves you.

Considering this reality, we have sonority sisters at the Univ of Wyoming in court because they are uncomfortable with a transgender in their living space. This ‘man’ will sit & watch the ‘women’ go about their daily lives & at times will be seen with an ‘erection.’ You really must think about that & those responsible for making the decision that allowed this to occur. The scary part is these women had to go to court & hope for relief, this is the New America & it’s only 1 issue of many. I only wonder where the woman’s groups are who use to stand up & fight for woman’s rights. Recently the Texas Attorney General has filed against a hospital for performing *** operations on girls as young as 8, personally, it's abusive for anyone outside of the family to discuss *** with a child, that’s the New America.

Now they (govt, corporations, media, etc.) are talking about black supremacists, it’s like they need everyone to be in a category, it seems everyone but them is a threat to Democracy. That’s because out of ignorance or intent, they prefer a Democracy. What they fail to understand is that the only threat to Democracy is those American Patriots who live under a Constitutional Republic & will not allow them to replace their lives with a Democracy. It doesn’t matter what category they place on people because American Patriots are the most diverse population on the planet, fact check that!

American Patriots realize through their living experiences all America has to offer. Of course, there are good times & bad times but the urge to continue to that American Dream is overpowering because we know how rewarding a life in America is. It’s all up to the individual, we are free to fail or succeed in America. This isn’t about black or white, left or right, or a political party although they try to convince you it is, this is about American values & a place where Liberty was born. It’s about a govt out of touch with those values & out of control. It’s about a govt that seeks control over every aspect of your life. If you ever read Marxist literature on how to transform a country you will find some key points, instill confusion, and mistrust, take the truth & modify it to fit your agenda, label those who oppose you as a threat to the citizens, have them rely on you, the govt, for guidance & demand their loyalty. If they get caught in a lie or misdeed don’t respond to it, deny it, ignore it & continue with your agenda. All this is present in the New America.

Although this seems to be working on many Americans who trust the govt & media, etc. & support them. They are still faced with a major problem, the majority of American Patriots realize something is wrong in America & it has been created by the govt. Americans who don’t trust nor believe the govt, who gather facts, are active in local govt, who are standing up & opposing the wrongs in America, and who vote, not for a political party but for what is best for America. The left should never forget those they impose their will on are mostly Immigrants, all Americans have a root somewhere on this planet, & those differences is what has made America strong by us evolving as Americans with a proud & honest history we have achieved the ultimate ‘melting pot’ which is our strength & allows us to prosper in safety. These are the people whom the govt, etc. call a threat to Democracy. I am proud & grateful to be an American citizen who understands we live in a ‘Constitutional Republic,’ instead of a Democracy, for the curious:

The amazing fact is ‘those people’ live in an illusional government, they promote Democracy in violation of our founding government. Yes, I know, most Americans speak of democracy as the form of govt, we are taught that it’s just a segment of the Republic & easier to say, however in reality our Republic is the controlling factor in our Liberties.

However, I have discovered a vast number of groups, organizations, individuals & some politicians standing up either working to solve the problems or making sure WeThePeople are aware. Regardless of the onslaught, there is hope for the America I believe in.

To preserve that Republic, we call America, we have our founding documents which give us total authority over any government with remedies to correct one which fails to uphold the ‘will of the people.’ Key to this is the Absolute Right to Vote. Our Founders held that in the highest regard for that is the core to our Liberty.

I know, overwhelmed is easy to feel these days as the majority does. This is where faith in that American Spirit & any other spirit you have comes into play. I like to think there are many more of us than them, whomever they declare to be. I think it’s time to talk with everyone about America & make sure people are awake. Be active in local politics or at least inquire into the direction your county govt, etc. is going, how are your schools?

Although the Founders gave us the resources to continue this Republic in its pursuit of creating a ‘more perfect union,’ They also gave us the burden of being active & standing up. I think it’s time to get to work Patriots.

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Frank D. Lovell

American Patriots

Free State of Florida

It takes time to be Aware


I try to remain positive regardless of the situation however the more I learn about events in America the more difficult that becomes. I think of 1776, people wanted Liberty, others were content, & others aligned with the British, secretly, or overtly. Today, people want to ‘maintain Liberty’ while others are content, & others support the govt secretly, or overtly, not much has changed. We are a nation divided between the content & those discontented. 


The content is quite agreeable to the govt controlling their life if they have free benefits. The discontent on the other have are not concerned with benefits, they are concerned with Liberty & the progression of their American way of life.  We can only imagine the life of people in 1776, they were living through a war. Ask yourself, are we living through a war? Let’s not forget it was that discontent that created America & I suspect that discontent which I see as the American Spirit will assure the continuance of America in its quest to form a ‘more perfect union.’ As is the goal set for us by our Founders so long ago. 


The most troubling aspect concerning America is it is ‘Americans’ responsible for eroding our Liberties & well-being. This prevents me from warning you “The British are Coming.’ because they are already here. You must take the time to understand events in America, people have connected the dots, you just have to see the story & be aware of your environment. What is needed in America today is complete awareness of events. 


What would you think of a takeover of America, & what is the status of our legal system why even think that? Well because all between us & a loss of Liberty is our court system.


Just what is environmental, social, & governance (ESG) industry corporations support it, with $55 trillion in assets, against fossil fuel, 2nd amend, influences voting, total control of your $, your lifestyle, justice, it’s all about governance.


A common response is that’s a ‘conspiracy theory.’ Keep in mind once facts are collected it's no longer a ‘theory’ it’s a verifiable conspiracy. The only conspiracy I have discovered is the one to alter the American way of life, as I write this & as you read this it is happening throughout America. We have the facts, you just need to be aware of them.


The FBI Richmond VA office issued an internal report focusing on “radical-traditional Catholics,” while the justice dept called parents domestic terrorists. They see America as split between those who support govt & those who don’t, the radicals/terrorists, that’s us. Our Liberty has conditioned us to believe ‘not in America,’ our entire life we have been Free to conduct ourselves within a structured society. That is in the process of changing for the first time in our history America is traveling down the path to a system of govt like that of China & the part which is most difficult to understand is it is being done by ‘Americans.’ We must all decide, which Americans are we?


Yes, sometimes awareness requires a degree of our time & I’m sorry for imposing but you just need to be aware of this. And ya need to communicate with everyone, Americans need to be awake as we live through this time in history. I still have hope for that MASSIVE vote to save America & which requires us to be active in the operation of the government on local & federal levels.


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Frank D. Lovell

American Patriots

Free State of Florida

It's our Fault

First, thank you Tucker Carlson for providing us with verifiable info concerning events in America, it was critical for us in making informed logical decisions.


A new rule in the Federal Housing Finance Agency starts in May. If your credit score is below 680 you receive an interest deduction on your mortgage, if your score is above 680 you will see an increase in your interest payments. It punishes those who learned life skills that allowed them to plan their future, people use to learn most of that in schools ‘back in the day’ when the goal was to create productive citizens. Now the goal for many seems to be let the ‘govt’ help them because they lack those ‘life skills.’ So, if you have followed all the rules & sacrificed along the way to your American dream you are being punished so others may achieve ‘equity’. Whenever the govt says ‘equity’ it means taking from some Americans & giving to others, ‘equality’ means all Americans have the same opportunity. 

The President created the White House Office of Environmental Justice & signed an executive order directing every governmental agency to incorporate “environmental justice” into its mission statement. This is a means to direct taxpayer $ to ‘environmental’ causes which in turn historically, donates to the Democratic party.


We are dangerously divided over saving America. We have extremely qualified people who can achieve the best for America in a multitude of areas. The problem is some people want to be President, thus creating a division. We must all agree on the most effective avenue to saving America. I firmly believe that starts with one person, yes Trump & I won’t mention all the reasons why. Everything he is saying is needed to save this country. I'll just say Trump is tested & needs to finish the work that started a # of years ago, people trust Trump & for good reason. We need to unify around that, all our extremely qualified people should volunteer themselves for positions in a Trump Presidency. That is how we create a strong federal govt of American values & a training ground for future Presidents. Not only would we be electing a President but a qualified federal govt as well. That is the only option I see for saving America.


Just wondering, sometimes when I click on a conservative link, I get error messages. Safari ‘Can’t open the page’ or Firefox ‘Secure Connection Failed.’ I do the fix stuff, but it still doesn’t work. So, either there is a problem with my browsers, or an outside influence is controlling what I see, oh, ‘not in America.’ I’m sure our computer techie people out there know the answer.


It is OUR responsibility to hold Representatives accountable under US Constitution Article VI Section 3 to be bound by their Oath of office. Also, they only allow the federal govt powers contained in Article 1 Section 8. Anyone who votes in favor of anything outside of those powers needs to be held accountable to their oath by us. If we fail to contact them, they will ignore their oath as they have in the past. You see it’s our fault when govt doesn’t act in our best interests because they can only do that when we allow them by remaining inactive. Unknown to most people there is a case filed by 3 brothers (not lawyers) in the Supreme Court on this issue, if granted, believe it or not, it would remove Biden from office & replace him with Trump, talk about divine intervention.


Congressional Oath:

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support & defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign & domestic; that I will bear true faith & allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; & that I will well & faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.”


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Frank D. Lovell

American Patriot

Free State of Florida

Did ya know?

After World War II the U.S. was the biggest economy in the world. In the 70s, global banking became basically $ central. With the fall of the Soviet Union, the entire world came under the domination of the U.S. dollar (USD).

World reserve currencies are a currency held in large quantities by central banks in other nations & are utilized in international trade. The USD has been the reserve currency of the world since 1945. However, it has lost its status as the most dominant currency because of the growth of China's Yuan. Other countries like Russia, Germany, France, Britain, Brazil, Iran, Turkey & Venezuela are also now using their own currencies to serve as global reserve currencies instead of the USD & more will do the same.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) announced it would no longer use the USD as its standard for assessing a nation’s economic conditions. The announcement by the IMF coincides with a period where many countries are witnessing their economies deteriorating & have been struggling to maintain their financial stability.

All our lives we have lived in a country that has set the worldwide economic standard. True we have lived through economic hard times, but we survived because other nations were investing in the USD & that was America’s advantage. That is on the verge of ending, these actions will cause the ruin of the US economy like never before & there will be no bouncing back, sadly not many Americans are even aware it is happening. What do we do? Support Rep Alex Mooney (R-WV), Rep Andy Biggs (R-AZ), and Paul Gosar (R-AZ) in passing H.R. 2435 the Gold Standard Restoration Act, we need to go back to the ‘Gold Standard’ now. How far will it go? don’t know till ya try.

In 1984 a KGB defector told us of a 4-stage plan to destroy America through the process of ideological subversion. If you find this hard to believe look at what is presently happening in America, everything he told us is coming true, it is time for everyone to WakeUp, our Liberty is on the verge of dying.

Are you aware South Africa a country friendly to the US, is now engaged in military exercises with China & Russia? Countries see the internal turmoil in America, its economy, the irrational decisions made by this govt, its lack of will to stand up on the world stage against offending nations, a divided & confused population, and a military lacking the resources & will to defend America. Although not a word from this govt or media, I haven’t forgotten we still have American hostages in Afghanistan. Our enemies know what that KGB defector said decades ago is a reality, sadly some Americans go through life never seeing the big picture.

This govt is constantly leaking info to the media, normally it's distorted info attempting to sway your opinion, and no action is ever taken to resolve the leaks. Historically in cases like Daniel Ellsberg-Pentagon Papers, Edward Snowden, Wikileaks, etc when truthful info is leaked to the public the govt is quick to prosecute. Now we have an airman being prosecuted for leaking info about American troops on the ground in Ukraine. Do you think China & Russia didn’t know American troops were there? The only ones who didn’t know were the American people. Now as in the past, the person who revealed the truth hidden by govt is being punished.

Now for the game show question. What do we do? I say communicate, from your representative to your neighbor talk to everyone about what is happening in America. Just communicate & let people think, let them connect the dots between past events & events of today to reveal the truth. If it’s your representative in govt let them know what you think, they do work for you. 

I could go on & on about the ‘education’ of our youth & adults, crime in our streets, our borders, economy, energy dependence on others, the justice system, military, etc., we have ‘many’ problems. I just don’t see a solution if we don’t communicate. Someone in history must have said, spread the word & they will listen. The most frightening aspect of all this is ‘Americans’ from politicians to corporations are engaged in activities harmful to America. The lingering question I have is, what is ‘treasonous activity’. 

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Frank D. Lovell

American Patriot

Free State of Florida


We live in a confusing time trying to respond to an issue created by people who are unable to explain exactly what the 'issue' is. We are now faced with responding to the transgender issue, but the basis of communication is confusing because of the belief there are more than 2 genders yet there exists no factual info acceptable by the parties from which logical communication can begin. No doubt people need help, yet it cannot be agreed as to just what that assistance should be in the effort to address this issue.

They are offended because others cannot accept their belief that a man can be a woman & can give birth. It has gone far beyond a person feeling the need to be another gender it has reached the point that people believe they 'are' another gender & if you don't agree, you are 'Trans-phobic' meaning ‘you’ are the one with a 'problem.' Personally, if someone believes they are a donkey that’s fine with me, just don’t suggest to our children they may also be donkeys. 

Rather than turn to our psychological community they turn to our medical community to perform surgeries & drug treatments to assist in reinforcing this belief, they are cutting off their body parts. Rather than assisting people with a solution the govt agrees & supports this concept so much so that they promote this belief in our youthful population, in our children. In the mind of those who have yet to develop their logical reasoning, who have yet to understand the world around them. The facts available to us show a high rate of suicide in this community clearly indicating there is a problem that needs to be addressed yet they refuse to engage in that conversation.  Horrific stories from children who had surgeries & drug treatments should be enough for us to act.

Americans still hold the belief that others are free to live their lives as they desire, whatever that belief may be, you have the free will to pursue it if there exists no harm nor imposes on the rights of others. However, they take an aggressive approach against others. They take over, by force, state house congressional sessions, they have engaged in the ****** of children & other Americans, and they are imposing their will into the family structure without invitation or notification. They announce their efforts to arm themselves with weapons, and although I am not aware of any physical threat made to them, they pose a threat to the safety & well-being of our communities. Throughout all this, govt has taken no action to enforce laws protecting Americans, the govt offers no relief. 

More troubling & confusing is the Presidential statement that Trans-genders are the 'soul of America,' I'm not sure what that statement means from the leader of America. Sarah Huckabee Sanders governor of Arkansas said it best when she delivered the response to the State of the Union address stating the issues facing America are not normal, they are crazy.

So, what should & can Americans do? Priority is to protect our children, to allow them an environment where they can learn about the world around them, learn about themselves & provide them the resources necessary to develop a youthful mind so they can grow into logical, mature & prosperous adults. Logically this must start on the local level, inquiries in our educational system, local governments, and representatives, we need to assure our youth have the environment necessary for healthy & safe growth. Due to the lack of cooperation, we may not be able to help those in the Trans community, but we still have the power to help our children. Whether you have children or not they are the future of America & need our attention. 

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Frank D. Lovell

American Patriot

Free State of Florida