Welcome to the all-new American Woodburning Page. Here you will see photos of what we did for our customers and for the stores we are in. We also do custom orders. Feel free to contact us at americanwoodburning@gmx.com.

Here is a sample of what we made for a store we are in for Christmas. What do you think? please share with friends and family.

our new website is up americanwoodburning.com we are still adding woodburnings to it tell us what you think.

We have a brand new logo merchandise. The window car shade. Starting price is $6.00 and up

our new business cards are done and cane be emailed to you if you would like one of our card please email us at americanwoodburning@gmx.com.. Thank you.

Good morning to everyone. We have some great news to share with you As you know we are in middle of moving but last week we got into a store called gifts of Texas very nice store with really nice people. Well as of this morning we are now in a Kansas city store. I can not give you the name yet i am waiting on one thing to make if official and then we can tell you. so far we are in 2 stores in N.Y 1 in Dallas with more coming 1 in Kansas with more coming 1 in Florida and 1 in north Dakota. If you know someone who owns a store feel free to have them email us at americanwoodburning@gmx.com and we will talk about going into it. Plus the person who referred us to them and if you go in that store that person will get 5% off a woodburning order.