Hi Jason, we use embed.ly to embed "cards" from other websites. Some sites like Bloomberg and Newsmax do not play nice with embed.ly 

We are working on our own clipping service and expect to include it in the next round of updates along with some other changes to how URL's activate when pasted into StreetLoc.

We are aware of the issue of a pasted URL's not getting phrased and are working to correct this.

A quick fix is to add a Space after pasting the URL, if it is Blue when you hit post we will collect a clipping of the site. It was intentional for pasted URL's not to activate so that members could post multiple URL's in each post without worrying about how many site clippings would be shown in their posts.

Our next update towards the end of February should correct this.   

We are working on adding GIF and SVG support to cover photos, currently we only support GIF's in the body of posts and comments. 

Hi Zel, right now the points and the ribbons system is experimental, we will reveal more information on how it works along with the new release of StreetLoc. There are some really exciting new features, additions, bug fixes and usability improvements on their way, if all goes well we expect to begin rolling out updates towards the end of February.  

Welcome to StreetLoc if you need any help or pointers please left me know I’d ask Miska Simpson