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Situation on the U.S. southern border is "unsustainable" - Secretary Mayorkas .

Situation on the U.S. southern border is worse than publicly acknowledged. DHS Secretary Mayorkas says the number of illegal border crossings is "unsustainable" in leaked audio.

Biden is off on a 2 week holiday as Afghanistan and the Border spiral out of control.  Kamala Harris the border Tzar is now where to be seen.

Main-stream media is silent. 

On Jan. 29, Rep. James Clyburn (D-S.C.), the third-ranking Democrat in the House, wrote an op-ed in The Hill arguing that this kind of “smart border” is preferable to a physical wall because it will “create a technological barrier too high to climb over, too wide to go around, and too deep to burrow under,” resulting in an “effective, efficient and humane” alternative to Trump’s border wall. Meanwhile, the “opening offer” announced on Jan. 31 by the Democrats in bipartisan budget negotiations included $400 million for this “smart border” surveillance package.

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