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President Trump has won a last-minute reprieve in his effort to block a New York subpoena for his tax records, delaying a federal judge’s ruling from taking effect that would have forced his accounting firm to hand the records to the Manhattan district attorney beginning Monday afternoon.

The U.S. Second Circuit Court of Appeals in New York granted the emergency stay.

  • The president's lawyers had argued in court last month he was immune from being investigated while in office
  • Manhattan District Attorney obtained a grand jury subpoena for the returns as part of its investigation into the Trump Organization and potential campaing finance violations
  • Trump refused to release his returns voluntarily during the campaign 
  • DA probing whether Stormy Daniels payoffs and reimbursement constituted a violation
  • Trump lawyer Michael Cohen is serving a three-year prison sentence 
  • President's legal team immediately filed an appeal on Monday 
  • The president accused 'Radical Left Democrats' of pushing the investigation

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