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'Don't underestimate Joe's ability to f*** things up': Obama has shared private doubts about Biden's 2020 chances claim insiders - as tensions grow over ex-president's lack of support for Democrat candidate.

Barack Obama allegedly cautioned another Democrat not to 'underestimate Joe's ability to f**k things up' the former president was slow to endorse his VP as the Democratic candidate. There are said to be tensions between the Biden and Obama camps over his lack of support, Biden claimed Obama didn't 'lift a finger' to help him win South Carolina. Obama discouraged Biden from a 2016 run, he instead backed Hillary Clinton as his successor believing her more fit to take over his role.


    • There is no way you can convince me that Former President Barack Obama actually wants Former Senator and Vice President Joe Biden to become the 46th President. If he paid attention to the hot water Biden and his son face in China and in Ukraine electing Joe Biden President sets the stage for a Republican Congress to impeach Biden. He might actually get a Taxpayer Paid One Way Ticket to each Country to faces the charges. If I was President I would authorize the use of Marine One for both trips with Taxpayer Accomodations at the most Political Prisoner Secure Prison in both Country.

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      • No he doesn't want Biden as POTUS - that's why the DNC appointed heels-up-Harris to be the supposed "VP running mate" (we all know she's the actual Dem POTUS pick). They're just using Creepy Joe because he's so easily manipulated, given his declining mental state. It should be named the "Harris/Biden ticket," not the other way around.

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