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Gilead Sciences, Inc. Accused of Manipulating American Health Care System

American Frontline Doctors hosting a “White Coat Summit” on Capitol Hill TODAY and tomorrow (July 27-28) accused Gilead Sciences and others of manipulating the American Health Care System to stop the use of "Safe & Effective" Hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19, while addressing what they call “a massive disinformation campaign” surrounding the Chinese coronavirus to which “American life has fallen casualty.” 

Gilead has long been accused of manipulating health care systems, In 2005, Gilead Sciences notified federal regulators that it was suspending development of a potentially safer, more potent HIV-fighting drug than the one on the market. The company did not restart its Food and Drug Administration application until 2010.

The five-year delay of a promising drug was at the core of accusations by advocates that Gilead improperly exploited the patent system at the expense of patient health.

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation filed a lawsuit against Gilead Sciences accusing them of manipulating the patent system to impede competition to its HIV medicines.

Gilead Sciences won a victory when a federal court judge tossed a lawsuit.

At issue was tenofovir, or TDF, which had been a cornerstone of the widely used combination HIV treatments sold by the company. The patent on the TDF compound expires in December 2017, and Gilead was replacing it with a modified version known as TAF.

Judge William Alsup of the US District Court in San Francisco shot down the arguments made by the nonprofit, which buys medicines for the 46 health centers it operates in the United States. “Gilead’s patents gave it a monopoly over both TDF and TAF. It had no obligation to introduce the improved product at an earlier date,” he wrote.

You can watch part 2 of the summit here:

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