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FBI leads probe into Twitter breach that hijacked accounts of world's most powerful

he FBI is leading a federal inquiry into Twitter's security breach that saw hackers hijack high profile accounts - as the social media giant scrambles to investigate how its most catastrophic attack yet was able to occur. Sources say federal investigators are now probing the Twitter attack, which initially appears to have been a bitcoin scam but has sparked fears the hackers could have wreaked havoc on the stock market, meddled in elections or even potentially started a war.  

A day on from the breach, which resulted in Twitter stopping all verified accounts from tweeting or resetting their passwords for hours as they tried to contain it, they have still not revealed how it happened or to what extent its internal systems were compromised. Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk were among the victims of the four-hour attack on Wednesday afternoon that saw hackers infiltrate Twitter's internal systems and post bogus tweets from the high profile accounts asking people to send bitcoin. 

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