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No U.S. city cracks the top 30 on this well-regarded list of the world’s best places to live

 Global consulting firm Mercer has released its quality-of-living rankings, and, for a 10th year in a row, Vienna took the No. 1 spot. It was followed by Zurich, with Auckland, Munich and Vancouver tying for third place. 

The company ranks hundreds of global cities based on a number of factors, including recreation, housing, economy, public services and transport, political and social environment, education, medical and health considerations, and the natural environment.

 20 cities with the highest quality of living 

1. Vienna 

2. Zurich 

3. Vancouver/Munich/Auckland 

6. Duesseldorf 

7. Frankfurt 

8. Copenhagen 

9. Geneva 

10. Basel 

11. Sydney/Amsterdam 

13. Berlin 

14. Bern 

15. Wellington, New Zealand 

16. Toronto 

17. Melbourne, Australia

18. Luxembourg

19. Ottawa/Hamburg

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