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No U.S. city cracks the top 30 on this well-regarded list of the world’s best places to live

 Global consulting firm Mercer has released its quality-of-living rankings, and, for a 10th year in a row, Vienna took the No. 1 spot. It was followed by Zurich, with Auckland, Munich and Vancouver tying for third place. 

The company ranks hundreds of global cities based on a number of factors, including recreation, housing, economy, public services and transport, political and social environment, education, medical and health considerations, and the natural environment.

 20 cities with the highest quality of living 

1. Vienna 

2. Zurich 

3. Vancouver/Munich/Auckland 

6. Duesseldorf 

7. Frankfurt 

8. Copenhagen 

9. Geneva 

10. Basel 

11. Sydney/Amsterdam 

13. Berlin 

14. Bern 

15. Wellington, New Zealand 

16. Toronto 

17. Melbourne, Australia

18. Luxembourg

19. Ottawa/Hamburg

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President Trump to Hold a Rally in Georgia - December 5, 2020
Trump will campaign for Georgia GOP Senate candidates, urges supporters not to boycott runoff elections.President Donald Trump on Thursday renewed claims that “massive fraud” and crooked officials in battleground states led to his election defeat, and said he’ll go to Georgia to rally supporters ahead of two Senate runoff elections.“This has a long way to go,” Trump said on Thanksgiving evening. “This election was a fraud. It was a rigged election.”Trump spoke to reporters at the White House after speaking with U.S. military leaders overseas.After his conversation, Trump took questions for the first time since Election Day and angrily denounced officials in Georgia and Pennsylvania, two key
SantaCon NYC 2020 Cancelled - All of the reindeer got the 'rona'
The New York City SantaCon has been cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic. The annual tradition, which saw hoards of young people dress up as Santa Claus and take on a bar crawl to raise money for charity, announced on Thursday that rising coronavirus cases had caused organizers to call off the official event. 'All of the reindeer got the 'rona,' a post of the event's website jokes, 'so the elves have advised Santa to hold off on the in-person merriment.'  Unofficial sites also called off the event: "We are not currently promoting events as part of Santa’s effort to discourage large in-person gatherings. Please stay home & stay safe."Global pandemic COVID-19We are not currently promo
A closer look at U.S. deaths due to COVID-19: Johns Hopkins News-Letter
The full article and Video of the presentation is included bellow. Johns Hopkins has removed this from their website providing this explanation:Editor’s Note: After The News-Letter published this article on Nov. 22, it was brought to our attention that our coverage of Genevieve Briand’s presentation “COVID-19 Deaths: A Look at U.S. Data” has been used to support dangerous inaccuracies that minimize the impact of the pandemic. We decided on Nov. 26 to retract this article to stop the spread of misinformation, as we noted on social media. However, it is our responsibility as journalists to provide a historical record. We have chosen to take down the article from our website, but it is availab
Federal appeals court rejects Trump request to stop certification of Pennsylvania's election results - paving its way to the Supreme Court
A federal appeals court on Friday rejected a request by President Donald Trump's campaign to block President-elect Joe Biden from being declared the winner of the battleground state of Pennsylvania, dealing another significant setback to Trump's bid to overturn the results of the Nov. 3 election.  'Free, fair elections are the lifeblood of our democracy. Charges of unfairness are serious. But calling an election unfair does not make it so. Charges require specific allegations and then proof. We have neither here,' Judge Stephanos Bibas wrote for the three-judge panel.Federal court denied Trump campaign's request to block Joe Biden from being certified as winner of Pennsylvania's electoral vo
Biden can only enter the White House as President if he can prove that his ridiculous “80,000,000 votes” were not Fraudulently or Illegally Obtained.
Earlier this week, Trump said that he will depart the White House if the Electoral College certifies Democrat Joe Biden as the winner in the 2020 presidential election.US President Donald Trump took to Twitter to say that there is only one possible way for Joe Biden to become president.President Trump: "Biden can only enter the White House as President if he can prove that his ridiculous “80,000,000 votes” were not Fraudulently or Illegally Obtained. "'A Very Hard Thing to Concede'This comes after Trump told the media earlier this week that he will "certainly depart" the White House if the Electoral College certifies Biden as the winner in the 2020 presidential election. "It's going to be a
Biden’s Plan for An Army of Contact Tracers Will Likely Fail, Faces Long Odds
A raging pandemic and a gridlocked Congress could upend President-elect Joe Biden’s plan to hire 100,000 public health workers to trace COVID-19’s spread, despite widespread agreement it’s needed to finally end the crisis.Contact tracing will be essential even after COVID-19 vaccines become widely available, because not everyone will get shots and scattered outbreaks will continue to ripple across the country. Quickly identifying who’s been exposed to people with infections can guide efforts to stamp out new hot spots and break chains of transmission, POLITICO reported.State and local health departments had fewer than 2,000 workers carrying out contact tracing before the COVID-19 outbreak. A
Breaking: Iran’s top Nuclear Scientist was Assassinated in Northern Iran
Iran’s top nuclear scientist was fatally shot in northern Iran, state media reported. He was seen as the force behind its nuclear weapons program.The Iranian news agency reports: Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh came under attack by terrorists in the town of Absar in Damavand county to the East of Tehran Friday afternoon and was martyred hours later.Fakhrizadeh's car was targetted by an explosion and machinegun fires in Damavand's Absard 40 kilometers to the East of Tehran.The nuclear scientist and one of his companions were immediately taken to a nearby hospital but he could not be saved.Eyewitness accounts confirmed that Fakhrizadeh's car came under attack first by a blast and
Read Sidney Powell’s Election Fraud Lawsuit Filed in Georgia
Sidney Powell claims Iran and China used Venezuelan voting machine software to rig election in favor of Biden and says 96,000 absentee ballots in Georgia were NOT recorded.In the documents - released online at midnight on the eve of Thanksgiving -  she alleged the election had been 'rigged' to favor Joe Biden, and that foreign powers were involved.She tweeted: 'The #Kraken was just released on #Georgia', along with a link to her website.She tweeted: 'The #Kraken was just released on #Georgia', along with a link to her website.She added: 'Exhibits to follow. Also #ReleaseTheKraken in #Michigan'. added: 'Exhibits to fo
Israeli Military Told to Prepare for Possible US Strike on Iran Ahead of Trump Exit
Tensions with Iran under the Trump administration came to a head after the US withdrew from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) in 2018 and began to reimpose sanctions previously lifted under the nuclear deal. Relations worsened even further after US strikes in January killed Quds Force commander Maj. Gen. Qasem Soleimani.Citing senior Israeli officials, Axios reported Wednesday that service members of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) were recently instructed to prepare for a potential US strike on Iran before US President Donald Trump is expected to leave office in January.Officials with knowledge of the instruction explained to the outlet that the IDF was informed by the Israeli
AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine is 70% effective. Works in a Younger Population: Scepticism Grows
Uncertainty has mounted over the fate of AstraZeneca’s vaccine following reports of inconsistent efficacy. The inoculation, which was developed in collaboration with Oxford University, is based on the monkey adenoviral vector, which experts say hasn’t proved its efficacy yet.AstraZeneca’s anti-COVID vaccine has suffered another blow, as the head of the US Operation Warp Speed programme unveiled that the drug had shown its highest level of efficacy in a younger population.The vaccine’s impressive 90% efficacy was achieved in a group of people, whose age did not exceed 55, as they were also given a half-dose before a full-dose booster. In the meantime, when tested in a group of participants ag
Amazon Web Services Crashes - Takes Down The Internet - Top Companies Effected
Several AWS services were experiencing problems as of early Wednesday, according to its status page. That means any app, site or service that relies on AWS is likely down, too, as the outage spreads across Amazon.Amazon Web Services reported problems with its Kinesis service, which assists online services with real-time data streaming at 9:36 a.m. Eastern time. About an hour later, AWS posted a banner atop its Service Health Dashboard saying that the issue had spread to other services and that it "has also affected our ability to post updates to the Service Health Dashboard." At 12:12 p.m. Eastern, Amazon said on the site it was "continuing to work towards resolution."The problems stemmed fr
Pennsylvania Judge Blocks State From Certifying Election Results, Pending Hearing
Commonwealth Judge Patricia McCullough ordered the state to hold off on taking any further action to certify the results of the 2020 election on Wednesday, pending an evidentiary hearing to be held on Friday.“To the extent that there remains any further action to perfect the certification of the results of the 2020 General Election for the offices of President and Vice President of the United States of America, respondents are preliminarily enjoined from doing so, pending an evidentiary hearing to be held on Friday,” the judge wrote.“Respondents are preliminarily enjoined from certifying the remaining results of the election, pending the evidentiary hearing.”The case before McCullough is sep
Parler was not hacked, a WordPress config file that was leaked online in July is circulating again.
An old Parler configuration file for its WordPress website leaked online today, sending Twitter into a frenzy.The screenshot circulating of a Parler database password is old, from July 2020 and it was for a Front facing WordPress website, that Parler may seemingly have used for blog posts and announcements, if it was used by Parler it could have been used for testing purposes, and was not the held on the same infrastructure as the main site, neither does it relate to the main system. This has not prevented the Extreme-Far-Left from taking to Twitter and Doxing Parler's details all over their pages. You can view the Archived page here, dated 17 Jul 2020 19:40:05 UTC: Doxing is described as th
Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar has Certified the Election Results - Biden Victorious
Pennsylvania certified the results of its election Tuesday, formalizing President-elect Joe Biden's victory over President Trump in the state despite efforts by the Trump campaign to block it from doing so."I want to thank the election officials who have administered a fair and free election during an incredibly challenging time in our commonwealth and country's history," Wolf tweeted. "Our election workers have been under constant attack and they have performed admirably and honorably."President Trump’s legal team filed a lawsuit in Pennsylvania after GOP poll watchers were blocked from observing ballot counting.According to Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani, officials in Philadelphia and Pittsb
Joe Biden Declares Election 'Over' Despite needing The Electoral college to vote and decide the election results on 14 December
Joe Biden has declared that the presidential election is "over" and called on Americans to abandon their political disagreements in a Twitter post.The election is over. It’s time to put aside the partisanship and the rhetoric designed to demonize one another. We have to come together.By no means is this election over. The GSA doesn't choose the president. The American people do, in accordance with the law and the constitution.The Democrat's statements come in the wake of General Services Administration chief Emily Murphy announcing the start of the transition process to the Biden-Harris administration. The two are projected to win the Electoral College vote, according to the current count. B
What is the Michigan "Exhibit Q Ramsland Affidavit - #7" that President Trump just Retweeted
The affidavit claims "In Michigan “we have over-votes in numerous precincts of 150%, 200%, and 300%.”The affidavit was filed by Russell James Ramsland, Jr., of Allied Security Operations Group, a Dallas-area firm that does cybersecurity work and lists a number of precincts as purportedly seeing anomalously high numbers of votes.There is just one problem, a very big problem, in the document the state of Minnesota, appears to have been replaced with the state of Michigan. The 19 precincts and 25 Wayne County precincts listed, are all in Minnesota, not Michigan. How could a legal team make so such a basic error? A possible explanation is Michigan’s postal abbreviation is MI, while Minnesota’s i
President Trump vows, He'll 'Never Concede to Fake Ballots & Dominion'
Donald Trump earlier okayed a move by the General Services Administration (GSA) to formally launch the presidential transition process. He, however, refused to concede and pledged "to keep up the good fight" as his campaign alleges widespread voter fraud in the 3 November election.US President Donald Trump has taken to Twitter to emphasize that his legal team is still pursuing numerous cases in order to prove that the 3 November race for the Oval Office was "the most corrupt election in American political history".The 45th president of the United States has stressed that he will never concede to what he described as "fake ballots" and "Dominion", referencing the Dominion Voting Systems Corpo
The Electoral college will vote and decide the election results on 14 December
The yet to be announced election outcome has become a subject of heated debate between Democrats and Republicans, with the candidates of both parties, Joe Biden and Donald Trump, crossing verbal swords in the presidential race. While Biden is projected by the media to win, Trump is opposing the early calls and claiming election fraud.While the Trump campaign is filing lawsuits in several states, vigorously demanding vote recount and claiming massive election rigging, Joe Biden appears to already be assembling his future administration, even though the Electoral college is still to vote and decide the election result on 14 December.Although The Associated Press made its final call, naming Bid
It is up to the Constitution, Courts and Americans to decide if Trump's evidence of 'Voter Fraud' is sufficient - Not the Associated Press.
If you believe the Media's narrative you would believe that President Trump does not have a path to victory and that there is no possible way for him to win. As a result, you may even be experiencing a mild depression and feeling miserable, after all the Election Officials that told us everything is fine and that we should move on, well its not up to the Associated Press and New York Times to call the election, it is up to the Constitution, Courts and Americans to decide if Trump's evidence on 'Vote Fraud' is sufficient.The Courts and Americans need to see the evidence and that may be coming sooner than you might think. It is now time for the President to put-up and win and you can expect hi
Michigan's state board certifies Election Results with 3-0 Majority - Biden Wins
The Michigan State Board of Canvassers voted Monday to certify the state's election results, formally granting President-elect Joe Biden the state's 16 electoral votes. After a torrent of pressure from both sides, one of the board’s two Republican canvassers, Aaron Van Langevelde, sided with Democrats to certify the vote with a 3-0 majority (the other Republican, Norm Shinkle, abstained), certifying Joe Biden as the winner of the state's election.The Michigan board’s vote came after Republican pressure to take the extraordinary step of rejecting certified vote counts from the state’s 83 counties. The Republican National Committee had urged the board to delay certification to allow an audit o
14 Million People Will Lose Their Unemployment Benefits on December 26, 2020
The CARES Act expanded unemployment insurance eligibility and duration during the pandemic. Of this, the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) program was the largest component, giving unemployment benefits to workers who are normally ineligible for regular state UI programs such as contract and self-employed workers. The PUA gave these workers 39 weeks of unemployment benefits. Meanwhile the Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) program provided 13 additional weeks of benefits to those that exhausted regular state UI benefits. These programs will expire on December 26th.According to the latest DOL data, there are currently over 21 million unemployed workers receiving UI benef
All Americans Should Celebrate Thanksgiving Despite Covid
We’re in America, not the USSR or Red China. The government can’t tell us what holidays to celebrate or with whom we can do so. That hasn’t changed just because a slightly worse version of the flu is floating around.The government rarely gives up power. It almost never reinstates liberties, once lost. That applies to this situation too. If you give the right to choose who you will associate with and for what purpose up, then you will never get that right back.#Thanksgiving #Pray #LtdGovt #COVID #Scamdemic
Biden Aides Dispute Push for Quicker, Watered-Down Relief Deal
President-elect Joe Biden's transition team on Monday pushed back on a report that he would favor a quicker economic relief deal, even if it meant ceding ground on some Democratic demands."This is incorrect. The President-elect fully supports the Speaker and Leader in their negotiations," transition spokesperson Andrew Bates said in a statement.The New York Times reported Sunday that Biden's advisers were pushing Democratic leaders to broker a quick stimulus deal with Senate Republicans to avoid further strain on the economy as the U.S. faces a worsening coronavirus pandemic.
Republicans sue in last-ditch effort to stop election certification in Pennsylvania
A group of Pennsylvania Republicans have filed an emergency lawsuit seeking to block certification of the election results in the Keystone State, which President-elect Joe Biden won by more than 80,000 votes. The emergency petition, filed in state court this weekend, comes ahead of Monday’s deadline for Pennsylvania counties to certify their voting results, part of the process of formalizing President Trump’s electoral defeat.Among the plaintiffs are Trump ally Rep. Mike Kelly (R-Pa.), who has asked the court to strike down an expanded mail ballot policy that Pennsylvania put in place last year after it was passed by the state's GOP-held legislature.  Biden won three of every four mail-in ba
Michigan Elections Board Could Deadlock and Refuse to Certify Election Results Today
Michigan elections board could deadlock when it meets today as Republicans come under intense pressure to back Donald Trump's floundering claim of massive fraud or they could certify a Joe Biden victoryThe Michigan Board of State Canvassers could reach a deadlock MondayThe two-Democrat and two-Republican panel are likely to come to a head resulting a delay of certify Joe Biden's popular vote win in the stateVice chair of the board, Republican Norman Shinkle, has concerns regarding the integrity of the election and is leaning toward delaying certification Specifically he says he has questions about equipment used in the election, the absentee and mail-in voting process and transparency issues
Coronavirus infects only FOUR per cent of children - 0.0059% Die from COVID
Spread FACTS, not FEARCoronavirus infects only FOUR per cent of children and just 0.15 per cent of youngsters with Covid-19 die from the virus, study findsUS researchers studied electronic records of  135,794 pediatric patientsThese were all tested for the coronavirus and 5,374 (4.0%) were positiveOf this tiny percentage, 359 (6.7 per cent) were hospitalized8 (0.0059%) died from CoronavirusExperts still do not fully understand why adults and children differ in their immune response to the virus  
New York anti-lockdown protesters burn masks - 'Stop Covid Tyranny', 'No More Lockdowns' and 'Medical Freedom Now'
Skyrocketing COVID-19 cases have prompted officials around the US to issue new lockdown guidance Skyrocketing cases do not equal, skyrocketing deaths. As a result demonstrators gathered in Manhattan on Sunday afternoon for the 'No Lockdown in NYC' event They carried signs reading 'Stop Covid Tyranny', 'No More Lockdowns' and 'Medical Freedom Now'Pictures show some of the protesters confronting other New Yorkers wearing masksUpstate protesters marched to the home of Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz SundayIn California protesters had earlier marched across the Pacific Coast Highway and cheered when a face mask was set aflame during a protest against the state's month-long curfew that start
Mystic Chords of Memory: Learning From the American Story
Every generation of Americans, from the beginning, has had to answer for itself the question: how should we live? Our answers, generation after generation, in war and in peace, in good times and bad times, in small things and in great things through the whole range of human affairs, are the essential threads of the larger American story. There is an infinite variety of these smaller American stories that shed light on the moral and political reality of American life—and we keep creating them. These fundamental experiences, known to all human beings but known to us in an American way, create the mystic chords of memory that bind us together as a people and are the necessary beginnings of any
Twitter Sanitizes and Censors President Trumps Tweets as they are Merged into the POTUS Account Ready to be Archived
Twitters version of the POTUS account has removed all posts that contain Twitter "Warnings" essentially rewriting history in real time as they plan on deplatfroming realDonaldTrump in the near future and handing the POTUS account over to Joe Biden on January 20, 2021. Twitter told Reuters that they are doing this in close consultation with the National Archives and Records, Twitter went on to note that the POTUS account will be archived, meaning the sanitized POTUS version will become Twitter's official archive of the Presidents Tweets. Twitter will transfer the @POTUS account to "President-elect Joe Biden when he’s sworn in on Inauguration Day", the company told Politico. Twitter will trans
Restrictive COVID measures will trigger a huge ‘populist backlash’ against Governments and Politicians
Finland’s leftist Prime Minister Sanna Marin has warned that lockdowns and other restrictive COVID measures will trigger a huge ‘populist backlash’ against governments and politicians in Europe.Speaking with the Financial Times, Marin predicted that draconian restrictions “will cause protests more and more, and it’s a breeding ground for populist movements across Europe.”“When you’re closing an economy and people’s workplaces, it will cause political instability. Populists come with easy answers to difficult problems, but their solutions are rarely the right ones,” she added.The Prime Minister’s solution? Globalist integration, obviously.Marin wants a EU wide coordinated strategy to deal wit