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NPR Accidentally Admits Border Fences Are Effective

Read the full article on Immigration Reform.

National Public Radio (NPR), a news outlet that has run countless reports pooh-poohing the idea of border security fences, aired a piece on the February 28 edition of “All Things Considered,” conceding the fact that they are. The admission was made in a deceptively titled report, “’No More Deaths’ Volunteers Face Possible Jail Time for Aiding Migrants,” in which it attributed the increasingly perilous routes being used by illegal migrants to stepped up border enforcement. “Over the past several decades, migrants have turned to more rugged parts of the border to cross, driven there by a larger border patrol, and more miles of border fencing,” stated reporter Joel Rose.

The “eleven-foot ladder industry” that critics have been assuring us would flourish in response to the construction of ten-foot high border fences hasn’t exactly materialized. What it has done, is redirected migrants to more remote and more dangerous areas of the border – and that needs to stop, by construction of more ten-foot fences and other deterrents.

If there is one thing all sides in the immigration debate can agree on, is that no one should be dying in the desert attempting to enter the United States. For the open borders advocates, that means, well…open borders. For others, that means making it clear to would-be illegal border-crossers that there is no point in trekking across hostile terrain because it will just lead to more Border Patrol agents, more technology, more secure border fencing, and effective interior enforcement against those who do enter illegally.

Read the full article on Immigration Reform.

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