Trump Train - Drive to DC in Convoy, Join The Peaceful Protest on January 6, 2021

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If you are driving to DC to support your president and protest election fraud, you could set a world record on January 6, 2021 by joining the Trump Caravan as it enters DC. Some MAGA car Parades have reached 30 miles in length, let's shatter that record.

Crawl down Interstate, going about 45 mph, protest the certification of a fraudulent election and demand election transparency.

Show Trump Supporters and Republicans are from all walks of lives and TRUE AMERICANS. Many faces and many origins but we are one. Decorate your cars with flags, pictures, streamers and everything patriotic! One Nation Under God. All Coalitions, Organizations, Republican Candidates, and every American are invited to join.

We will pray together for our President's re-election and country for conservatives. Recognize and Celebrate the various cultural heritages that support conservative values. Dress up with Red, White, and Blue - Come with the commitment to support our President. Stay in the Right hand lane to minimize traffic disruption and publish your route on the day of the Trump Train.